Stanislav Stankov

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Your Leadership is in the top 5% of the workforce. You have an extraordinary proficiency for taking charge and motivating group members toward common goals.

You have an ability to establish short and long term goals, specify the strategies and actions to achieve them, and have the perseverance to overcome obstacles and failures to attain objectives.

You can express your beliefs and opinions even when they are contrary to those of others, motivate and inspire others to extend themselves to attain goals, and exercise your authority.

You have a strong ability to keep others informed despite pressing deadlines, remain tactful in stressful situations, and compromise to achieve organizational goals.

You excel at collecting and analyzing the information necessary for providing effective direction to groups of people. You are also very good at developing strategic plans and explaining to others how to accomplish those plans.

You excel at understanding what to say to motivate people to follow your direction.

You have a strong ability to recognize and deal positively with obstacles and failures, share responsibility for team direction and performance while establishing and maintaining effective workplace relations.


Your Communication is in the top 5% of the workforce. You have an extraordinary proficiency for conveying ideas effectively and identifying the messages people are attempting to convey.

You can speak clearly, convey positivity, attract people, collaborate and share responsibility.

You have a strong ability to develop good long term relationships, even with difficult people, built on tactful and considerate interactions.

You excel at knowing the right thing to say to people and at understanding how people will accept what you are going to say to them.

You have a strong ability for soliciting and accepting feedback and criticism from others


Your Persuasion is in the top 15% of the workforce. You have a strong proficiency for convincing others of a direction, activity or idea and influencing the decision making processes.

You can be friendly, excited, and socialize with large groups, helping you to attract people and be influential.

You have an ability to sway the thinking and behavior of co-workers and customers who initially disagree.

You excel at knowing what to say to people in order to influence them without making them upset.

You have a strong ability to be collaborative, confident and accepting of criticism.

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