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Your Leadership is in the top 5% of the workforce. You have an extraordinary proficiency for taking charge and motivating group members toward common goals.

You have an ability to establish short and long term goals, specify the strategies and actions to achieve them, and have the perseverance to overcome obstacles and failures to attain objectives.

You have an extraordinary ability to express your beliefs and opinions even when they are contrary to those of others, motivate and inspire others to extend themselves to attain goals, and exercise your authority.

You can keep others informed despite pressing deadlines, remain tactful in stressful situations, and compromise to achieve organizational goals.

You excel at collecting and analyzing the information necessary for providing effective direction to groups of people. You are also very good at developing strategic plans and explaining to others how to accomplish those plans.

You excel at understanding what to say to motivate people to follow your direction.

Vision and Execution

Your Vision & Execution is in the top 5% of the workforce. You have an extraordinary proficiency for identifying areas for improvement and implementing solutions.

You have a proficent ability to finding ways to improve the way work is done, setting challenging personal goals and work independently with minimal supervision.

You have a proficent ability to assess the value, importance, or quality of things, and develop innovative approaches to decrease costs, improve effectiveness or solve other problems.

You have an extraordinary ability to motivate others to accept change who are used to the way things have always been done.

You excel at being prepared to solve problems, weighing the risks and applying good judgement

Decision Making

Your Decision Making is in the top 15% of the workforce. You have a strong proficiency for making high-quality decisions based on limited information.

You have the ability for being thorough, deliberate and timely, and having attention to detail.

You have a disposition for gathering and critically evaluating relevant information, recognizing solutions and using facts, logic and experience to buttress your opinions.

You have an extraordinary ability for expressing your opinions and beliefs and a tendency for exerting dominance.

Task Management

You have a proficiency for setting goals, monitoring progress, and taking initiative to improve your work.

You can work independently, establish and meet challenging deadlines, persevere even when initially unsuccessful, and not settle for “good enough."

You have the ability for maintaining accuracy and attention to detail, reporting and recordkeeping, setting goals and creating plans to accomplish the work, as well as monitoring and controlling resources.

You excel at learning what is important to get the job done right and avoiding costly mistakes. You are also excellent at understanding new procedures and explaining them to others.


You have a proficiency for generating creative ideas, out-of-the-box solutions to problems and entrepreneurship.

You have a disposition for working with abstract ideas and developing unconventional solutions.

You have an extraordinary disposition for being receptive and flexible to different ideas, perspectives, and changing demands.

You excel at anticipating problems and choosing solutions that will avoid trouble before they happen. You are also excellent at making plans that will lead to positive outcomes.


You have a proficiency for cooperating with others.

You have a strong ability to be sensitive to others needs, support others, commit to team goals, and build mutual trust, respect, and cooperation among team members.

You can be tactful, courteous and considerate of others.

You excel at knowing how to get people to cooperate in order get work done and what to say to encourage positive interactions.

Conflict Resolution

You have a proficiency for to bring others together to resolve conflicts and reconciling differences through negotiation.

You are very supportive and sensitive to the feelings of others, helping you to find mutually agreeable solutions.

You have the temperament for being polite and mannerly when interacting with others even when you disagree.

You do extremely well in difficult interpersonal situations and excel at finding ways to effectively resolve disagreements.

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