Christopher Borkowski

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Cultural Awareness

Your Cultural Awareness is in the top 15% of the workforce. You have a strong proficiency for understanding the perspective of others, and dealing effectively with different types of people.

You have a strong disposition for being curious, reflective and studying people and their values.

You have a disposition for adapting to a wide range of people, and being open to differences in attitudes, values and personalities.

You can be encouraging, sensitive, and make others feel comfortable and appreciated.

You have a strong ability to communicate in a tactful and considerate manner in difficult situations, and help others settle interpersonal conflicts.

Conflict Resolution

You have a proficiency for to bring others together to resolve conflicts and reconciling differences through negotiation.

You have a good ability to stay calm and collected in stressful situations or when confronted with criticism.

You are supportive and sensitive to the feelings of others, helping you find mutually agreeable solutions.

You have a strong temperament for being polite and mannerly when interacting with others even when you disagree.

You do alright in difficult interpersonal situations and at finding ways to effectively resolve disagreements.


You have a proficiency for adjusting to changes in the workplace while maintaining a positive demeanor.

You can remain calm, level-headed and operate effectively in the midst of stressful situations and under multiple or conflicting demands.

You have a strong ability to change your approach to best fit the situation, analyze problems and develop new solutions.

You can learn and apply new skills, adjust effectively to different and changing environments, and smoothly integrate changes into your work habits.

You have an ability to deal positively with obstacles and failures, accept criticism and feedback, and use intuition and experience to complement data.


You have a proficiency for generating creative ideas, out-of-the-box solutions to problems and entrepreneurship.

You have a strong disposition for working with abstract ideas and developing unconventional solutions.

You have a disposition for being receptive and flexible to different ideas, perspectives, and changing demands.

You can understand the basic problems at work and generate possible solutions.


You have a proficiency for cooperating with others.

You can build a positive team spirit, remain pleasant and friendly even when sick or if others are rude or cranky, and prioritize the success of the team above your interests.

You can be sensitive to others needs, support others, commit to team goals, and build mutual trust, respect, and cooperation among team members.

You have a strong ability to be tactful, courteous and considerate of others.

You generally know how to get people to cooperate in order get work done and what to say to encourage positive interactions.


You have a proficiency for conveying ideas effectively and identifying the messages people are attempting to convey.

You can speak clearly, convey positivity, attract people, collaborate and share responsibility.

You have a strong ability to develop good long term relationships, even with difficult people, built on tactful and considerate interactions.

You generally know the right thing to say to people and at understand how people will accept what you are going to say to them.

You have the ability for soliciting and accepting feedback and criticism from others.

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