Ominini Ambie-Barango

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Your Innovation is in the top 5% of the workforce. You have an extraordinary proficiency for generating creative ideas, out-of-the-box solutions to problems and entrepreneurship.

You have a disposition for working with abstract ideas and developing unconventional solutions.

You have an extraordinary disposition for being receptive and flexible to different ideas, perspectives, and changing demands.

You excel at anticipating problems and choosing solutions that will avoid trouble before they happen. You are also excellent at making plans that will lead to positive outcomes.

Cultural Awareness

Your Cultural Awareness is in the top 15% of the workforce. You have a strong proficiency for understanding the perspective of others, and dealing effectively with different types of people.

You have a disposition for being curious, reflective and studying people and their values.

You have an extraordinary disposition for adapting to a wide range of people, and being open to differences in attitudes, values and personalities.

You have a strong ability to be encouraging, sensitive, and make others feel comfortable and appreciated.

You have a strong ability to communicate in a tactful and considerate manner in difficult situations, and help others settle interpersonal conflicts.

Decision Making

You have proficiency for making high-quality decisions based on limited information.

You have an extraordinary ability for being thorough, deliberate and timely, and having attention to detail.

You have a disposition for gathering and critically evaluating relevant information, recognizing solutions and using facts, logic and experience to buttress your opinions.

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